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20170203_190648I have always found it funny how it seems like white women get way more money when they do cam work. Yet when it comes to staring for free. Most men have no trouble admitting that they love having big black tits in there face. Why wouldn’t you pay your way if you like what you see? Don’t you realize the more you give, the more you will always get. Giving the goods away  for a camgirl isn’t how you pay the bills and stick around. Because the less money you make you more you have to leave a job you love to do something you don’t just to put food on the table. So my big boobs are always ready to be shown to you. I love showing them off I do! Being watched. Being a spit fountain on them turns me on and makes my clit rock hard.

I had a male friend say to me a couple of months ago. If you don’t like being a camgirl. Then why do it? Why do you job then complain about it. If you don’t like getting naked for people then you shouldn’t do it. Because the money is supposed to be an extra. I couldn’t believe he said that to me. Why? Because anyone hearing me talk about it knows that I love what I do! I think of ways I want to improve the industry. Not just for myself like minded people like me. Not just for our benefits as camgirls but also for our clients. So they get more bang for there buck. They get us more focused on keeping them happy and being happy with them. Not dealing with losers, that just want to use and abuse the experience.

Of course I love money. Who doesn’t? I want to purchase a house. My first house. I want to feel confident and comfortable giving birth to babies without fear I want be able to take care of them. Working as a cammodel, as well as all of the other things I do from the comfort of my home to pay my bills, take care of me and my family and secure our future, is what I want. I would never ask anyone to work for free. SO why would you look for me to do the same. Coming to see me in a cam room. Is the same as going to an adult store and thinking you can walk in to pick up some lube and some sex movies and walk our the store without paying them. Pay me for my work or pay me no fucking attention. Real men pay for there porn that’s no for free. There are plenty of free sources on the internet. Go stare at the action happening for free. But never walk into a camgirls place of business looking for free shit. You will find a raging bitch every time.

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