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Why I Enjoy Being BBW


I have been a BBW every since I was a kid. True story. I have always been decked out as a woman every since I was around 13. Tall. Long hair. Round face. Big tits of 44 D cups. Round hips with ass. I stayed around 230 to 250lb all through elementary school and middle school. Until the last year when my 44 D turned up into a 44 DD. So being 5’6 and everything stacked out like that. I have always been thick. I have to be honestly. As sexy as I was. Because of lots mental abuse and humiliation from family members and then of course the bullying that comes from being a kid. I never knew back then just what a knock out I was. I cried and stayed depressed quite a lot.

It wasn’t until I turned 16 years old and knew I had no real interest in anyone my own age because of the things I liked. Reading. Writing. Watching great movies that had nothing to do with how my race is portrayed. That we are all ghetto. Bangers and ignorant. Black sluts that have 5 different babies with more men that have taken them for a ride she doesn’t know whom her baby daddy is. All of that crazy bang bang shoot it up stuff, wasn’t if interest to me, and I found no boys that were anything like me in that sense. Only grown men. The way my first boyfriend and love treated me. Looked at me. Made me feel. It made me look into the mirror for the first time in years and not hate who I saw there. My dad that was never a real dad or there for me. Or the fat ugly chick my moms family called me. Along with normal bullying I got from school.

The way this man talked around my body made me proud to own it. I for the first time in my life had true confidence and began to appreciate and love my curves. I have had clients, and fans alike ask me over the past 7 years. When did you decide to blown up to 350lbs. Like I have told many. I didn’t decide on it. I got myself in a situation where when I moved after leaving High School I had no ride. The area I moved too, had taxi that charged $30 just to go to one place and back to my residence. After a year still living in the same city we moved to another house that was right behind the major stores and restaurants in the city. So we did what I have been doing my whole life when my family was without a car.

I walked. I tapped into my new found talent of finding whatever I wanted online and purchased grocery carts for me and my family and we would walk up to the stores every Friday. Sit down and have a nice meal. Before purchasing our things. Loading up my carts and pushing them back home. It was about half a mile there and back. Which helped me continue to stay around 250 lbs. But once it became full of crime and drama, slowly be surely we stopped. Money flow changed and we where able to find a better ride for better prices. So riding to other areas to shop became a routine. Working on the computer. Attending school on the computer. Spending all of my time behind the computer and never really leaving home for long. Ballooned me up to 350 lbs.

Am I ashamed want to lose the weight? No I am not ashamed. Its because unlike my first years on this earth. Weather anyone else loves me and what I look like. I do. That’s all I tend to care about, other peoples opinions roll off me, and I never think about them again. Do I plan to lose weight? Yes I do. But not because of shame. The extra weight is starting to hurt my health. I have breathing issues. Aches and pains all over my body and even parts of my body that slips out of place within seconds. I love what I do ( camming) but not only does it tire me out quick. But it also hurts my body when it gets a nice workout in doing back to back shows for a week. Then bam no shows at all for another two. So much show, I’ve laid off of doing short shows at all.

Also I am now ready to get pregnant. For all of my real fans that’s been following me for a while now. You have heard me talk about saving some money to get pregnant and to live off of once it happens depending on if the doctor tells me I need to be on bed rest and things of that nature. Well I have recently found a really good donor, drama free that’s ready and willing to help me make my dreams come true. Because your blood pressure and diabetes could rise while pregnant I’ve placed on orders to get mine down now among other things I don’t feel comfortable putting in the streets. So for now, getting my stomach down and those two things down is the races why I am getting the weight down. But don’t you worry for one second. lol I will not be a bone. These big ass tits and fat juicy ass that thunder claps all over your computer screen will not be going anywhere! Just strength training and burning some fat!

So why do I love being a BBW????

Because I love to be warm. Cuddly. Most small framed women I know complain about being freezing cold. I already have a medical condition that messes with my body temperature taking way to long to warm up. I couldn’t handle being 150lbs it would probably make me feel like I was dying from not being able to get warm enough. I love having huge natural tits I didn’t have to pay for. No shade to the ones that have gotten there boobs done. Just love I didn’t have to spend the money to have double d’s.

I love that way my thighs out and to attention. My fat round ass. No pumping this up. These cakes behind is also natural. Most of all, being a BBW is different. I have a man tell me once.

How can I be a BBW and have such a small waist. Because if you held my waist you’d see that what makes my middle look thick outside of my stomach is my love handles. Not all belly fat

its self. Standing out, and showing off is key when it comes to me. The next videos I post. You simply see what color my hair is. Most of the time, its never going to be normal!



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BBWShadeXXX – SSBBWShadeXXX New Website Coming


Hello guys! Welcome to my new site. New and improved. I may add little updates here and there to my old one,! ( But this will be my new online home for updates, and links to all of the wonderful kinky places that I to belong online. I am actually in the process of making another one as well, a closed one, where all of my fans that have a deep desire to want to know and get to know me better can, through my videos, photos, snapchat and kik accounts. I wanted to do some live streaming on the site, but right now its a little to rich for my blood. So for now I am just going to bump it up a bit to have a New Upgraded Skype instead. So many more yummy things will be on the table for my members.

Now for the ones wondering, well whats going to happen to your normal twitter and skype account. Nothing! Its still going to remain the same. I still be be offering shows there. Just the main kind! The New Skype Account will have the extras! The bangs and whistles you’ve all been asking and I’ve been wanting to give you.  You can still pay for skype cam shows at small little rates and come get the bang for your buck. But new features I am adding to my services for members only like:

* Gold Shows

* Panties Sales

* Private Diary

* Private Vlogs

* Private Twitter

* Archived Weekly Shows ( From the site as well as from skype!)

* Access to SnapChat or Kik for one week/ one monthly fee

* Access to The New Upgraded Skype Account

and so many other fun things I’ll be adding but only my members will have access to.

You won’t be allowed to enjoy those if you are not a member. Please don’t feel slighted I am just getting older, wiser and my tolerance for some of the bullshit has gotten to me. Some of the freebie crowds and the oh I am going to hit you up for two weeks then leave crowds have really left a bad taste in my mouth, making me sick when it comes to my job. And I love my job, I wouldn’t do it just for the money. I have other things I am too great at for just that!

When I think about camming, I think about an intimate experience with another human being or a bunch of human beings that would like more. Not a commitment per se just some online loving they know they can get from an understanding person that’s going to always be there when you need some relief!

Well just like my Youtube Videos, I am getting a little to lengthy! Just wanted to inform you of whats going on!