One Of The Best Orgasm’s

Less than five minutes ago. I had one of the best orgasms in my life! Why on earth am I making

this the start of my post? Well because for the better part of a week or so. I have been keeping

you guys pretty much up to date all about the good, the bad and the ugly about my life. This was

not only some amazing good I wanted to share. But as I was washing up. It hit me that there’s

another story I wanted to share with the world and my loyal fans. When I was younger. I got hit

hard that people actually thought that something was wrong with me because I didn’t have sex

with any of the guys at my school. I am sure by now I have mentioned the fact that I wasn’t

interested in anyone my own age back them. Still isn’t. But one of the other things that may not

have even been put on the table for everyone was the fact that I masturbated like crazy in my

younger years! I am so damn serious about it. I began masturbating when I was like 13 years old.

I was always curious about my own body when I was younger then that. I would take all of the

mirrors. The small packs my mom would buy. Looking at my pussy. Even when it wasn’t even

barely a pussy. Playing with it, because like some kind of therapy. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I think even back then I was a level headed controlled sex addict. When I got started at 13

I just didn’t stop. I would masturbate before I went to school. I would do so at lunch in the

bathroom. I masturbated in the shower. My bed. You name is, I was playing with my nana.

I would have fantasy’s about the cute boys in school I was attracted too, but mainly I

would masturbate to the memories of the fine ass grown men I didn’t dare flirt with because

I knew that would be wrong. So the answer to why I was a hot in the ass girl giving pussy

away like candy, because I was already getting mine and I didn’t have to wait. Feel like I was

going to be labeled as a whore for messing with someone that could go back and talk shit

about me. I was already being treated like dirt, I wasn’t about to give them a reason to.

Masturbating became so damn real for me. One day doing the crazy weather change both

on the inside of my school and outside. ( My school it took them 3 months into winter to turn off

the air conditioning and turn on the heat. Excuse was that they had to come down from the

broad of education in order to turn it on and off. So we had to survive the only way we could.

Bringing huge coats to bundle up on. Or even a quilt or blanket. ) Doing one of these days I

did a move I normally do for comfort. Place my hands in my pants under my stomach to get

warm. Or just to relax. As I did that though I got horny as fuck looking at this cute guy I had a

major crush on. Thinking about him, my mind started creating a hot nasty story about

us being anywhere but that class room. Things I would do to him. The things he would do to me.

Before I know it I was laying back under the huge flight coat and having my self a very nice time.

That was the beginning of a very beautiful thing. I began masturbating all of my school. Each

class room, the showers doing gym clean up. I even worked my pussy on the school bus. I

was a masturbating freak. I still am. Being a sex addict doesn’t mean you have to do anything

and everything that you see. I should. I became a sex addict, based on watching porn way to

early before my time. And because of my rape. Anyone that does there research finds out that

rape affects you different. Some clam up and it takes time. Others, you literally become a freak

for life. Some turn to the other sex. While a lot just doesn’t want to be bothered with even

trying at all. Needless to say anyone that knows me now, knows why I didn’t need or have to and

didn’t give up the booty in High School. I became the masturbating champ! lol

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