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Only contact when your ready to play. Payment of up front, no previews. Haggling will get your blocked. Lets just all have ourselves a good time!

Life Of A Cammodel


When you think about just how hard it is for a cammodel. Wait! What am I saying? You don’t! No client ever thinks about just how hard it is for a cammodel. We all live different lives and situations. Some of us may rent while others own houses. Some may have full time jobs with W2s along with a W9 form. Some may have a family to take care of. While others are single. So when you think about a cammodel, stop thinking about her as a sex pot. As sex pot with photos and videos on the internet for you to jack off too for free. Then contact her haggling over her prices, if not damn well asking her to do something for you for free. If you are reading this. I am assuming you have a job. You pay a cell phone bill, internet, house phone mortgage, insurance. If not my bad. But I do and so does most good citizens in America. So I am a black woman with big tits, ass, squirting pussy and a clapper out of this world.

But I am also a woman living breathing and with bills to pay. A future to look out for. I am looking to purchase a house before conceiving and giving birth to some healthy beautiful children to fill it up. I want to further my self training which means paying for books. I also want to attend college paying for my own education out of pocket until I can afford to take out loans for it. I am already caring for a disabled parent as well as myself. So the answer to why I haven’t been on the cam site and why I haven’t been marketing as much to do shows? Its becoming a waste of my time, I have to work a job that pays my bills. If it doesn’t it’s a waste of my time. I love to cum and squirt for you guys. The compliments are great. But you don’t work for free, and neither do I!

Love and Peace Be With You


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I have been told that I am fine, sexy, and beautiful. Can’t find any complaints about it. I love been told just
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Everything about me including the inside, you know that
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I am very heavy breasted! Big tits run in the family baby.
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Hot #wetwednesday is one of my favorite times of the week. I have found out that I love to spit all over my tits. I love soaking my body up with lots and lots of spit. With a dildo in my hand, I become a spit monster. I cover my face, tits, belly, thighs and the toy with lots and lots of spit, until you explode all over yourself. I fuck my pussy and squirt into puddles right after! #WetWednesdays



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