Why Do I Love Being A Cammodel?


I am not! Yeah! I am not a cammodel. I am a hot woman. That is hardcore, kinky and I love to have myself a very good time. I have been through a lot in my life. Like most women do. But I was blessed in ways that others might not have been. I began to masturbate when I was thirteen. But I actually saw my first porn movie when I was 5 years old. Not the fought of my mother. I snuck within her things, found the tape, popped it in and was under the impression I was peeing on myself each time I watched it. Yet, I was just getting wet and horny. I didn’t see porn again, until I was thirteen. I came home and it was on my TV in the form of the Playboy channel. At 8 my mother showed me my first condom. Told me that if anyone touched me without my permission to let her know I wouldn’t get into any trouble, but they would. She also let me know since that’s also the year I got my period. That when I was ready to have sex. To let her know. She didn’t want me getting pregnant early. So her plans were to get me my own hotel room. She’d pay and get me on birth control, so that I wouldn’t get pregnant early. Unknown to her and everyone around me. I didn’t have a desire to have sex until I turned 18 years old when I fell in love for the first time. From thirteen on up, instead became a regular masturbator. I stroked a lot of crazy places. At home in bed of course. But I also did it on my school bus, school bathroom, the class room. I became very curious and then very stimulated by my own hands and interesting things I found around my house. I got my first sex toy, not long after I turned 16 years old. I learned that I had been raped at the age of 5 to 6 years old.

A doctor let me know I no longer had my cherry at 16. Which made me very hurt, humiliated and angry, because unlike some that play church or pretend they really have an intention of saving it for marriage. That really was my desire. Only to find out that had been taken from, long before I had a chance to make a choice and by a family member. Any who I started masturbating so much through Middle School and High School, all of the tricks that some girls may have fallen for for the boys and some men to get to their booty’s, nobody had the change to ever get mine. Going further into adult hood, I had  desire to give it up to people I cared about. Yet each time it got close to happening. Something dumb happen. I found out they had been cheating, that hey had a sexual transmitted disease. Or something more or less. Either way. After my last bad situation. I decided I wanted to open myself up to not one guy. But thousands. Millions of guys. Women and couples as well. I had been watching other cammodel’s for some time doing their thing. It looked fun and inviting. Yet, I wasn’t looking at it the way most of them are. If not all of them are.


What is a cammodel to me?

To me a cammodel, is someone that logs into a cam site with millions of other people. Trying to tease and convince men to go into a back room with them for an allotted amount of time. For them to put on a show, while getting some good money by the minute. MONEY, is the key reason why they do what they do. Do something with a WOW factor, to both please and impress this person enough for them to tip them even more. Add them to their favorite. Leave comments and tags so more like minded people will come in right behind them and do the same. If the person was happy and satisfied. They will be sure to come back again until they become bored and need something or someone else different to catch their interest. To men, weather they have gone completely independent with it, or its half and half. That’s the role and desire of a cammodel.


What AM I?

I am am a woman that wants to do all that you read above. With a huge difference. I have no desire to do circus tricks. I have no desire to pretend to be and do something, that I do not like. I am person and I want to be treated like one. I may charge and want to charge people to join online. But what I have to offer, and will offer, is a relationship. Not just the GFE, Girlfriend Experience. But a real friendship between me and all of the people that appreciate me. Enjoys my company. I can log in mornings and do and record shows for you. Post them for your viewing and downloading pleasures. DO the the same thing at night on schedule. In between that, make pictures, videos, and offer you other services, all in included in a one month package. Along with discounts and percentages off of things I off to the public at a full priced rate. Just because I am lonely myself and miss you guys. I can log into my on personal place on the big wide open internet and chill with you. Hang out in lingerie, boy shorts, nothing. Do my special Goal, no Gold, Goal shows, so you guys can get an unscheduled hot show for less than half the price of a private one using Skype all on your own. With the promise that the video will be posted again, for your viewing pleasure. Percentages off your own personal custom videos, never will be seen by another. Percentages off of my used panties, socks, pantyhose. If you have been a member of my site for at least three months. You may also from the show of all of your generosity. Have the pleasure of joining in some of my private party’s I have in your area. Seeing me live, in living color, right before your very eyes! That’s a taste of what I can offer you in services that most aren’t even interested in.

What Makes Me SO Real And Not A Cammodel?

But really though the biggest thing that really makes me not be a cammodel. Is I have feelings and emotions about what I do. Sometimes, I find it so sad, when I watch the cams of some girls. The only time they act like a real person, is when they are mad, hurt, or frustrated because they are going through a lot. In their home life. The pressure, of being fake, phony and trying to put on this big show is too much to happen on the bad days. Days they still have to work. Make money. Provide for themselves and their family’s. That’s the only time you guys ever see a cammodel, never being so REAL! Baby, that is me 24/7 365. You will never find me being fake. I’ll always be real with you. I am no longer on a site because I don’t want to fight and competition and have some guys coming to a site where I am sitting out exposed. A play for to be harassed and used. One guy throws in a tip to see something, while 100 of the guys are sitting their staring at that mans prize for free. No! No! No! I never took camming to be a job. I don’t date. I get offered dates. To hang out and have sex. But for me and the life I am living. Its not worth it to me. Why should I want to have some random guys inside of me. Wasting my time. The money part does two things for me. Yes, it helps me. Helps me put away for retirement. But I have a full time business that pays my bills just fine. I have a high price because I am bringing you quality. I am here for more then sex talk. If your working, bored or a little bit of both. With your once a month membership fee. You get all of my work constant work unfiltered. Picture, videos, private tweets that you get from my private twitter account. You get to talk to me in real time, as long as I am awake, which within a 24 period I am up for at least 15 of those hours, not far from my phone or computer. Even when I leave home base I am online! Ready to chat and see what your day or your night it like. Teasing. Laughing. Talking about nothing. I have a desire to meet people from all over this big wide open world. No matter gender, marriage status or ethnicity. You get me. Raw. Unfiltered at all times. So no, no cammodel. Virtual and IRL Sugar Baby maybe. But not a cammodel!

Love Sincerely,



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