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Welcome to Spoil Me!

Hey guys, welcome to my spoil me page. Where you get to spoil me all day, all of the time. I am a very humble person. I never ask anyone for anything. Unless I know that you totally owe me because fair exchange isn’t robbery! Hard working. Down to earth. In a lot of ways you guys are my friends, my cam family and my sugar daddies as well as being my lovers. I spend most of my time with you. Even when I am not online, or in front of my webcam, I receive messages from you. Send you messages. We talk. I keep it all of the way real with you. So I was asked before and doing Christmas this year. Just what you can do for me. So I decided to create a spoil me page. You can send me a little or you can send me a lot. I love giftcards, I can recieve them through the mail if you would like to send me some. Ask for my PO Box Address. But mainly I love e gift cards. I do most of my shopping at home, because I am at home all of the time. I love walmart, amazon, dominios, bath and body works and so many other places. Just send me a message and ask me what I need, and I’ll tell you!

As camgirl, I need new webcams all of the time. Gaming computer. Laptops to update my content for you. Microphones. House Phone for long distance and hours long phone sex sessions. Hosting. Domain Register for the year. Lingerie money. Panty and bra money. Lube. Sex toy funds. You name it, takes a lot to make you guys and myself happy. So whenever you want to support me by helping me get new sex toys let me know! I am also a gamer girl, so cards for to play xbox live gold. Money to get the new games that just came out. Would put a big smile on my face!

Other then that, extra money and tips are always appreciated. I love to have a rainy day or emergency fund well stocked because anything could happen. I’m in college, could use gas money, grocery money and more. Now you know how to show appreciation. To send me something from amazon or any other store, send it to me to shadexxx24@gmail.com

Thank You So Much Ahead Of Time!

Love Camgirl Shade