What I Need To Do….

Don’t you just hate it, when someone tells you, ” What You Need To Do” ?

I don’t have any shame in letting you know that I do! I love advice. I love constructive critics that will actually help you. I love it when someone with a great idea of two to offer you. Yet, the opposite, some telling you what you need to do, with no real answers for you. Just nothing but rude push over talk, that makes it very clear to you, the person has no intention of being a good person/ good friend. They are here to try and tear you down. The more you try and build yourself up. The more that they have backward comments that they try and push on you, and make you feel some type of away of you decided against listening to that piece of advice. Which to me, is utter nonsense all together. Its not right, and often makes you begin to regard the person in a different way, or walk away from it all together.

Ask me to do something.
Suggest to me I could do something.
Never tell me what I need to do, especially when the comment is empty, because I am going to get at you about it all of the time. Each time you come for me, I am going to give everything that you are looking for.