Step Up or Step Off

I know that’s its been about a week since I have been on here. But I have had some very busy times here everyone. I mean it. Some getting money, others dealing with nonsense one person shouldn’t have to endure just to live in a hone that they pay rent and other utility’s and bills at. Its terrible. But a topic was laid deep into my heart that I just needed to put down on paper. But decided instead of my private journal. I decided to share it with all of you! This one is called, Step Up or Step Off. I think I used a similar topic line recently. If I am carbon copying I am sorry. Charge it to my head and not my heart. This one is based on a stranger that came back into my world within the last week. A gentlemen I did some business with probably around four months ago with. I did a couple of customs and a some photos for this man for pay of course Yet, this guy from day one had been trying to player player and holler at me on a personal note as well. Now mind you I never mix business with pleasure. This time around wasn’t any different. Yet this person seems to have walked off the blacklist and back into my world. Explaining why we “disconnected” problem? We never connected to begin with. Then he made a move to say he wanted another custom this weekend. Saturday to be more accurate. Yet Saturday came and left and no funds have been deposited into my bank account. Now I know some of the fellas, and some of the ladies as well wants to come for me and say. Well dang! Girl its just one day later. Maybe you will get that cheese on Monday instead. Things happen. That’s very true. I don’t consider what I am saying to be back biting mind you. Because the money thing, isn’t the reason for this blog. Nope. Money comes later on or not. Either way I am going to do me and be paid by another if he doesn’t come through. The problem is don’t come for me like your a man. Talking this massive game like your player player. Talking about all that you trying to do for me. When nothing big on you is your mouth. Maybe your dick too. But if you are spoiling, wining dining, stepping up and trying to do what I can do for myself. Then step to me. I am new fashion but I am also old fashion. I never tell anyone that I am a Golddigger digging after someone else’s gold. I always work to too hard for my very own. But the day you call my phone, step to my door, bother me in anyway, you are looking to pay bills,  or for whatever else I desire, along with all of the other things that matter. I will no struggle with a man. I have struggled with myself, I have struggled with my family. I will not struggle with a man. I don’t won’t anything to do with that. Yes. For all of your with an opinion and desire to say well then you will be alone. Guess what boo, is what I have to say to you. If you a woman let me tell you this:

Afraid to be alone?
Too lazy to go to school or get a hustle to take care of you?
Lonely? Have time to be lonely? Do you have more then enough stacks of money to walk up into heaven like a stair case? Know a legal on on the line way to strike it rich. No lottery, no bingo, no cheating or lying or scheming. Real way to get money from skills, drive, ambition and common sense or a career diploma, degree or license? If not?

You need to work on all of that then stand back. Still lonely. No joke. No church girl bs. Just being real, you need to get to know jealous. Because I had a spirit of being lonely. But the more I pray, worship and believe. Other then kicking it with the family and a desire to have children of my own. I never get lonely anymore. Sometimes I want some human interaction. When I do? I work! Thats human interaction. Sex?

That’s why God made the humans that got the skills to create sex toys baby!

What you need?

Sex Toy
Fantasy Life
Or if you want to throw something extra out there? Camgirl/Lush and other computer controllable toys. With guys that would love to have some quick fun.

I am not out here looking for a man at the moment. But when one steps to me. I demand that you be prepared to show your worth. Both with money, a personality, great sense of humor and a relationship with God doesn’t hurt either!

Mainly I just wanted to say guys when you come for me. Know what your getting into. Come to help me, don’t come to try and take or think you can Con you way into my life. Because I am a hustler. You can’t hustle a hustler.

That’s my hit for the week everyone! Sorry I haven’t been present but I will get you when I can.

Please Note: NEW Youtube videos are coming soon!