Sex Work

I was just online reading and article and it brought back to my remembrance a conversation I was having with someone, some months before. One of there comments being, why is is that even though you have a lot of none sexual ideas that you sale, why do you always float back to having someone to do sex work instead of doing something none sexual.  The answer is really very simple. BECAUSE ITS FAST AND EASY MONEY! I mean think about it. What other job do you know where you can make a quick two thousand dollar with two client’s where one all you had to do was spank him with a flogger cows tail or a wooden spoon. And the other simply wants for you to pee on them every thirty minutes for 2 hours?

Or where a single mother can get her family in order. Just before brushing her teeth. Adding maybe some lipstick and gloss to her lips whatever it takes for her to get into a sexy mood. Turn on her private line and talk dirty with a man until he cums. Do that about twenty times within that night before she goes to sleep with a smile knowing she just made a quick $400 to pay her lights that’s been over due for three months. Not having to take from Paul to pay Bill this week.

You noticed I didn’t mention webcam. It’s a reason why. Honestly because of my how I feel about relationships right now. Webcam is not a job nor will it ever again be a job to me. I love chatting with hot sexy men. That knows how to talk to a treat a woman. My new network costs $100 per month to join. But its because I don’t want to deal with the ignorant, out of control, drama filled stuff that comes with offering something like that on the cheap. Plus with all the goodies inside I haven’t had a guy complain yet. My point is, all you ever hear is negativity being placed on sex work. A woman charging for a man to take her to dinner have some fun and enjoying a happy ending at the end of the night is considered to be a whore or a slut because she charges. Yet giving it away for free, I guess that makes her a saint. My point I up sale a woman doing sex work or a man because it pays the bills, gets you the money that you need and if you want to get out and make it a one time thing. You can. Or it can become you hustle or insurance policy!