Naked Christian Camgirl That Masturbates On Camera, Take Me Or Leave Me

I had a guy contact me today and say to me. Hey! I thought this was a sex blog. Your a camgirl. You masturbate on camera. Do phone sex. Sell sex videos. So why is all of this talk about God here? About you personal life. Struggles. Who’s cock is going to get hard to this. You must be, and are going to lose alot of  business with this.

Here’s My Answer:

Anyone that doesn’t like God, you may leave here from my website at any point in time. Yes. I am sorry if anyone feels like I should have told you before you began getting freaky off of my work. That I was a Christian Woman of God.

But, what, were you under the impression that even sex worker, camgirl, pornstar, or hip hop artist, all had to be heathens with no, wisdom, knowledge or understanding of the word of God?

Umm, you know what I guess its all our fought for not speaking up about our religion. Where I may have let the world and some of my past circumstances dictate to me how I ran my adult, cam and video services. I never thought of camming as work before. Honestly I began doing it for pleasure, and companionship. If you have noticed the bump in prices, not just any John or loser can afford to spend any time with me any longer. Lots of you losers began to make me hate camming when like I said, I started out having fun. Since being affordable wasn’t good for my sanity or my happiness because of bums ruining for all. I stopped for a while. But any time anyone with money to burn and risk getting blocked by rudeness feel free to hit me up for 10 minutes for $50.

After the makings of Shades Cam Network has been completely the price for Skype one on one shows will rise to $100 for 10 minutes. So feel free to have your fun for now.

Back on point. Just because your a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat, and live. We all have life’s. I right more about myself as a person these days because once my Network is up. I want the people that have see me naked and doing the naughty. To also see what they will be getting if they want more of me that’s both sexual and none sexual. My price for that service will be high and even within the site certain services will have additional fees but still no amount to one a non member will have to pay for access to me. SO I want you to know the real me. My past, present and what I do for towards the future. The whole point is I want my fans, to know me and I want the chance to know you too. If you are looking for Ms. Fake, go find you a tank head sex machine with no feelings to entertain you for five hours three times per week looking to take all your money then be out. Those looking for a new community with a hot fun woman you can check out, talk to night or day within reason of bathing and sleeping. Want to see past videos, early morning recording, last night, or tonight’s before you home along with tons of other goodies. Feel free to come along and check me our.

Love To My Real Fans