Marry For Love Get a Business For To Pay Your Bills

Part 1:

I saw this in a status message on a couple of weeks ago. I laughed at it for two reasons. One because this guy was in this huge rant about how the ladies shouldn’t be messing with men trying to get wife up, for his money. So he can save her. Take care of her. I’m like this dude has the game all fucked up and so does other guys that feel him. If you have gotten into the history. Not the written one. The unwritten one of life. You know that for a long time. Men, especially older men that consider themselves to be “Sugar Daddys” and what not. Have been crawling between women’s legs, 18 to 80 licking that clit and fucking her in exchange for that Mortgage, keeping her hair done, nails done, expensive dinners, luxury hotel rooms and so much more, just more recently in the 2000’s the younger woman college tuition. In a lot of ways sweetheart, its not really the woman running behind his money. Its him offering up his money in exchange for whatever he can get out of her. Fair exchange isn’t robbery, one of my favorite lines for everyone that knows me and we talk regularly.

Funny thing is, usually the people making these silly comments and the ones that’s got the game all messed up, is the young girls going around giving there bread away for fried chicken dinners, and chicken friend rice. Not to mention a Straight Talk phone card or “Double Cheese Burger”! Or the young boys that still don’t know trying to offer someone $200 for some cake. Strange as it is to me, growing up around the older women, old whores or whatever you’d like to call them, who demanded cars paid off in full not a payment or just a down payment. These broads and silly boys have the game all fucked up these days. Just saying.

Part 2:

I agree that women, men too, should be thinking about running there own businesses. Not because of that rant, the whole marry for love not for money or his money thing. I mean in general our people. Not Blacks, Not Whites! Our people as a people, don’t try and have a bit of drive and ambition about themselves. It’s like half think its all about having a long term hustle that could land you in jail. Or working a 40 hour job that makes you say in you down time” I need another job to go with this one”.

Nobody I know, has the desire to work the job for whatever benefit’s that they get from them. Then on your down time hustle your own real business, or at least a job that your basically working for yourself to make things better for you’re here and now. Or a proper business that you can work doing your retirement or that’s currently putting your money away for your retirement. Retirement funds not being given  over to Uncle Sam that you don’t have any way of touching. Your own backup plan!

Everyone I talk to, its running behind a job that the next person has for you, where you only get a percentage, nobody is working hard for there own 100%! That’s been sitting with me for a long time now. Just in the last three years have I myself literally made it my business to capitalize  on that by getting people thinking about and getting into that. That’s my HNIC moment.

Part 3:

Guys, ladies too if you consider yourself a Sugar Mamas, or paying a dude. Time is money. Sexual Escorts. Its funny that they use this line “ Donations/ Money, is for my time only!   to stay out of jail. But the interesting thing is its more then true. No, I am not a call girl. Don’t fuck anyone for money. But my time is valuable to me. I know that I won’t be meeting the “one” anytime soon. Their for yes, the only contact I really want is my family, the guy that licks my pussy regularly. Or a man willing to pay for my time. So many men on and offline say to me all of the time. Why don’t I want to spend hours talking on the phone with them. Camming with them. Hanging out with them. Having them come over to my home. And then some. Answer?

Because your fucking boring. Dull. Most of the men that step to me are no where near my level. We can’t talk about business because that would be boring to you. We can talk video games, tv shows, movies, traveling, food or anything really because the dudes that step to me, don’t like any of what I like. Instead you spend the whole trying to fuck me, get money out of me, trying to use me as your claim to fame by doing some type of business with me. If I am going to be bored, I might as well log in and talk to some boring clients for hours. At least I am getting money out of it at the end.

In the last 6 months, I had a male friend, I chatted with regularly. Talked on the phone with him for hours sometimes. In the end it blew up in my face. I didn’t make a dime off of him. Honestly I enjoyed our conversations so much I didn’t want to be paid. I gave him the first chance I’d given any guy in about 3 years. I just knew some day we’d travel together, you know as just friends. Eat. Hangout. We had some things in common. When I saw that if it meant me not giving away trade secrets. Because he stopped helping me.

Meant me no asking for anymore work to be done because the last situation wasn’t worth it. He was all in as a friend when he wanted money, but once that became not to be true he backed away. All he did, was prove me right. Why should I want and any woman want to fuck you, have you anywhere around her for free. To feel like she just wasted her time and didn’t get a damn thing out of it. No thanks. I’m not Golddigger. Not in the sense that a lot of men that make silly comments like the the title of this blog. I am a Golddigger, digging after my own gold! So why waste my time, talking, chatting, dealing with someone that bores me or irritates me when I could be getting money. Hanging out with guys I have fun with that doesn’t judge. That were raised to spoil a woman like back in the day. Studying to learn something new. Enjoying something. If you want my time I could be using to do one of those things. Your going to pay for it. Stop looking for pussy for free. Wanting someone to give up precious time they could use to dedicate them selves to something real to waste hours, minutes and seconds on you. I am for those that are for me, I shun those that are against me, its as simple as that.

Hugs and Kisses