Don’t Underestimate: Ms. Handle It

I know! I know! I just added a post but the feeling touched me to do one more. I had someone come at me side ways a while back. They did me two ways. The first was to back me up into a corner they believed without them I couldn’t get out of. The second was to try and play me without coming right out with it trying to be slick. Basically being cocky without saying in plain English: “ I can do it, I won’t tell you how to do it. Hire me to do and pay me!”. I say this funny little thing about my haters I only briefly say online, but I say it quite a lot in my personal life. There is something so freaking special about someone saying no to me. When you are in a position to help me, and you don’t. God always steps out and says to me. Don’t worry. I would do anything for you anyway and you know this. But just because this person decided not to help you, not only am I going to bless you to find the answers you need to fix your problem or send someone else into your life. To help fix your problem. But I am also going to do something else even more fantastic then you could ever have even thought about. The more other people do you wrong. The more I am going to take you higher! And that’s what happens.

See this person said what I mentioned. Before the next week was even half way through I had already figured out how to get it done, with no help at all. Not only did I find the answer to that problem but I was able to even do way more then I thought I could or I even thought about doing. It was handled. A couple of months ago. I asked someone I didn’t even want to ask to take me to a doctors appointment. Not for free. I was going to pay them. They told me no. Out of all my household as a whole had helped this person and her children. The person told me no. In less then thirty minutes I had me another ride to get where I needed to go. Told the rest of my household, my house wasn’t going to be helping that person anymore that week and I kept it moving.

This is the saying I usually say in my personal life:

The more my haters hate on me. The more I rise. My crown on my head shines brighter with every hater that hates on me.

Don’t hate me, congratulate me. Study me. Dedicate yourself to get half way where I am! As long as I walk with God I am always going to be 10 steps ahead of you. If you don’t help me and you can, trust me I am still going to get what I need and want and then some. But be careful how you treat me, because I don’t pray for anyone’s down fall, but because of my title and relationship I have with Jesus Christ, he pays people back for the wrong that they do to me. “ The hell you make for someone else, is the hell that’s going to come back on you.” “ Whatever you good, bad or ugly you send out, do in this world, will come right back to you in threes” .

If you don’t help me, God is going to make sure someone else comes right behind you and does. Then the blessings that were meant for you will go to them!

Love, Shade