Stay Focused

Stay focused. Simple enough statement. Doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life or your world. Stay focused and work the problem. Stay focused on one thing at a time. Don’t worry about the things that you cannot change. Work on the things that you can. Everything else will find a way to be solved. Don’t allow your worries, battles, force you to stop. Don’t question yourself. What you are capable of doing. Because you know who you are, what you need, what you want, your deepest desire. Use it! Find that thing that you believe in and make it happen.


Crazy Ass Day

I have had one of the craziest days I have had to deal with my life. So, yesterday, I had deal with my moms so called help, her nephews girlfriend showing up, demanding money. Money that she isn’t even due. She was bold enough to do so. Then she didn’t show up to work today. I guess that was supposed to be a message. Well sweet heart, the jokes truly on you. She will get said money that she’s going around town claiming that she is owed. But then she is done here. She can continue to try and use everyone on in the family where she is residing. But the bank here is closed. Then I had to call the Post Office. They delivered on of my box’s to my home. One package in my box. But I had another package that I got a confirmation from both them and amazon proving that the package should have been delivered. When I called. It seems that I got to speak with the Post Master from hell!

She was rude. So disrespectful. Wouldn’t listen to me. Kept interrupting me and calling me a liar. As a common curtsey. I did as she asked and checked the tracking number from the USPS website. Gave her a ring back to tell her something just wasn’t right. She still refused to listen to me. Over talking me. Just being rude. In my head I am screaming “ Bitch Shut the Fuck Up and listen to me!” But with my mouth I was calling her ma’am and begging her almost to listen to what I had to say. She got another phone out and contacted someone by the name of Martha, whom I can only guess was the carrier that was responsible for delivering the mail. After she spoke with her, she found out the problem was on Martha’s end, she never left the key so that I could access the parcel box in order to retrieve the rest of my things. Do you think out of all the trouble Martha caused me, and all the disrespect that this Post Master caused me, that she apologized or anything.

Let me tell you honey! She didn’t! Instead she told me this mix up, then hung up on me. No sorry for or about my troubles or nothing. So my mom, is also offended because of what happened. So she calls back to ask for the head woman or man in charge, to make a compliant about the situation and also about the rudeness I had to endure. The woman began fussing and loud talking and getting disrespect with her! She too was being patient with this woman. She ask to leave her name and number for Head person there to give her a call, and the woman had to rude and question my mother about what she wanted with the Supervisor above her. After my mother called her rude, she to the information and hung up on her. People are always saying to me, that I am not patient. That I see trouble where there is none. That I some how wake up in the morning and decide to make trouble come to me. Even in my own house. But I am glad I have common sense, street smarts and the faith that I am a good person and there things going on around me that shouldn’t be. It seems the longer I live in this place the more troubles are coming. I know for sure this is a physical and spiritual battle field. The devil is busy. I see him for whom he really is.

But I have God on my side! Nothing. Nobody. Letting the devil use them or not is going to stop me and my family from being strong. Having everything that God wants for me and mine. So he maybe busy but I know the God I serve. Anyone going through the same things, a little or a lot. Worse. Lets stand together and believe that a huge yoke is about to be broken. And no matter who we are. What type of work we do. Stripper, Escort, Dominatrix, Banker, Teacher, CEO, Janitor or Factory worker at Perdue or Smithfield Packing, Nestles or QVC. We that pray and believe and Jesus Christ will rise to the top and we will always make it 10 steps ahead of everyone that doesn’t! Amen

With Love,