If You Won’t Step In, Step Off

It’s funny to me how people that haven’t been through you troubles. Can judge you, and even come so far as to tell you how you should live you life and what they think, you should do. Then when are being made aware of what your going through. There next voice is well don’t tell me about it. Because I am going through way to much myself, to be able to deal with or help you with your issues and problems.

Moral Of This Story:

If you have no intention of helping. Being there for someone. Keep your mouth shut. Simple. I give people a simple test.

1. Leave me Alone
2. Pay me $200 for me to sit and listen to your opinions on my life, whatever else you may have to say to me for 1 hours.
3. Or shut the hell up!

I have had so many people judging me. Telling me what I should do. Everyone had an opinion about my life. But no one is holding out, money, a listening ear, support. That was the #1 thing I couldn’t stand  people when I had lose self esteem and they wanted the right to tell me what I should and shouldn’t be eating. How I should exercise. What ” I ” needed to do. One day, in silence, my mind began to roll. Inside for once I got to thinking.

1. Are you going to purchase me fresh vegetables, fruits and all that I need in order for me to lose this weight?

2. Are you purchasing the tredclimber, and weights or 1 Year Access to the pool at my local gym and getting me back and forth there at least three times per week so I could get a really good workout in?

The answer to everything is always NO! People want to sit back on their soap box, running there mouths about what can and can’t do. What you should do. They want the job to dictate and try and control you, but helping the situation, they want no parts of that. My answer to it, is mind your own business.

I have helped people in the past when I seen in them in a bad situation, I’ve even had some people help me. But never the one’s that sit in judgment minding everyone’s business but there own. They just use there tongue with there A** not showing any actions.

If your not ready to set in step off!