About Me

Welcome to About Me!

My name is Shade. * Curtsey* I live in North Carolina with my Disabled mother. Or rather she lives with me. I have been camming for 7 years now. On and off the cam sites and mainly in Skype. I have been a college student for the last 4 years. Graduated 3 times with great honors! But I can never get enough of learning. Self taught web design. Marketing and Advertising. Outside of that I have also been doing phone sex for 7 years and business consulting for the last 4 years. So I am a Worker Bee. I love playing video games. Basketball. Swimming. Cooking. Shopping. Movies. TV. Music is my life. Rain, Snow, Sleet or Sunshine in my life that’s what helps keep me grounded. I have been single by choice for the past 4 years. { 9 years all together of 3 wasted relationships}

At first I was broken hearted, but life, God, loving my self and my cam fans has my heart healing nicely. I just love to have fun. Laugh. Talk. Work. Try something new. I am a foodie, love trying new things, at least once to see if I like and can’t get enough if I love it.

I am 5’6 and 1/2 tall. I weigh in at a proud 350lbs ( I love my weight!) 44 double ds I’ve had since my first year of highs school. 30 inch waist and 46 inch ass!

I am very outspoken. Try to be sweet and kind. But always say what’s on my mind. If you would like to get to know me. Join Skype VIPS, its fun and I promise, if you like what you see and what you have read. You are going to become addicted and love me…