Shade’s Relocated To Virginia

Its crazy to me how a couple of months could change everything. If I had to say I have learned some lessons. It would be, watch out whom you call friend. Don’t get to used to things staying the same. Be open to GOD doing everything in your life in mysterious ways. I have now been living in a Hotel in Virginia for almost two weeks. To be honest with you I kind of like it. Its way more peaceful then the apartments I just moved from in North Carolina. I am walking distance to some food I haven’t really tasted in sometime. Yet things could be more messy. I don’t have all of my resources I had living in my own place. Hard to do things the same way I was doing them before. Yet, I am excited every single day to see what’s coming next for me. I haven’t been closer to GOD, then I am right now.


I am interested in doing some camming, yet most of my toys are locked away on a storage. But would be nice to see some of my old friends. But honestly I wouldn’t know how to entertain right now even if I could. I am making some upgrades. Yet things are interesting at the moment. What I have been wanting to drop a project I have been working on for a whole year, is pulling at my heart strings. Would be a pleasure to have some fun with it right now. Not just for the funds, I am hotter then ever in these trying times. Always horny and frankly in the mood to show off. Well maybe I will be jumping out there sooner then I was thinking or maybe not. Shade followers, you will know all about it once I know all about it!



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