The “New” Me

Life for me has been crazy town! I mean the lord had been amazing to me and my life. The well being of my family. Business couldn’t be more busy. My life couldn’t be falling into place better if it was all up to. All if the changes that’s happened to me, in the last six months. No way I would have the energy or the time type it all out. Videos will have to be coming in the very near future about all of that. All I can say is things haven’t been perfect for me. Yet, constantly I am seeing the hand of God, reach down into my life.

Any issues or problems I find myself having. God just handles it. If am Ms. Handle it, he’s really become my Mr. Handle It. If I tried to express how I was feeling months before. The only words I could use would be ” Lost” and ” “Unfeeling”. I feel like I basically walked around for at least five years not being able to feel on the inside. I was completely numb. Confused. Broken and not knowing just what way to turn. But I am happy to say that I have found my way back home. New, improved and better then ever.

I have a big move coming up within the next couple of months. Its time that I said Goodbye, to North Carolina forever. I have lived here long enough. Now its time that I Kiss it Goodbye. This place has never been my home. Hurt. Confusion. Anger. Disappointment, are only a couple of terms I can use for this place. But now its time that I and my family leaves here for good. Its crazy how I never wanted to move back to this city. I was afraid to, to be honest. See, I just knew that everything I had worked hard to do, and become would leave and no longer exist as soon as I laid my head here again. Yet, something amazing happen. I came back here and found myself instead of losing myself. Its something how God can take some of our worse fears and show us that he’s just so much Bigger, and we in him, are so much bigger then whatever we find ourselves afraid of. I came here, and both on and offline, I make and lost some people. I learn some new things I never thought I’d ever know or ever wanted to know. I can say everyone I am “Free” and its so amazing that I can say that! Well I have more work to do, but more updates are coming. I love all of my fans.

Camgirl Fans

Phone Sex
Video and Photo Fans

Weight loss
and Workout Fans
Everyone that’s for me, I truly love you, pray for you nightly and daily.

Can’t wait to bring you guys more into the fold of all of the greats I am working on and ready to offer!



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