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Its crazy as I don’t know what!

Do men really think that a beautiful woman is going to take her clothes off for $0.50. Actually anyone that even knows how niteflirt works, really $0.21 per minute. I mean these days I really live my life, upon saying, that I don’t let things stress me out. Which I don’t. I just find it funny how every single time I bring my prices their down, I see people deciding to make that call. I mainly do it, just to see if my profile is being seen by people Which obviously its being seen. Why be so cheap. I have been a Camgirl since 2010. So I take pride in each thing that I do. I love my thick, healthy and juicy BBW body and figure, the fact that there are people in the world that believe that a Thick Sexy Woman would degrade her self as such. So I have to ask myself, are their women out there in the world that are. If so, ladies a man is only going to treat you in a way that you allow him to treat you. If you value yourself as trash, the that’s exactly the way you will be treated. If you walking around with that mess in your. In your mind. That you should expect so little. Then you have some work to do. Some times that you need to spend with the master, so that you can find out what he thinks about you and how he values you.

I love you! My prayer to night is that you will love yourself.


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