Whats Free ????

I don’t really know what this world has come too. I have been contacted this week about five times by men asking for shows or a video. Only to say, oh sorry, I thought it was free? What exactly is free nowadays? I am very curious to know to be really honest. What’s free? I get a light bill every month. I get a rent bill every month. I have to purchase grocery’s. I have to pay to go to the store. If I had a car, I would need to pay it off else I’d have a month or every two weeks car payment every month. Car insurance had to be paid month to month or at least once a year unless you have a better or just another deal with your company.

Its part of our deal with the apartment complex that we also have to keep renters insurance on the place every month. I need cleaning supplies to stay clean every month. I need washing power, bleach, Lysol ammonia and dryer sheets each month. I need new underwear. Actually that’s a double whammy! I need new underwear, pantyhose, lingerie, toys, lube, and more for both my personal and work life. SO I can look good in these shows, videos and my personal life. Make up. Props. Not to mention one of my computers I use for work and school, I need another one because its on its last leg. I need to upgrade my webcam, its HD but I have had it for a minute so its time to spend a $100 and something on a more up to date one. Right now I am saving money for a move, and a car.


None of the things I mentioned above is free to me. So why in the world, would I want to do anything for you for free? Did I give birth to you? Maybe adopted you and wasn’t aware of it. If your not my son and I am raising you, honey, I am not taking care of you! Free needs not to me mentioned to me when you contact me guys, because what will be free, is remove you from my contacts, and blocking you for life. Once blocked I never unblock you, not even for a price.


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