Life for me is forever changing. Yet it seems like its changing even quicker these days. Which I don’t mind, at all. I love it actually. It seems like I have been going slow and looking forward to something. Or something’s. Hidden in my near future. Yet, each day now in the last six weeks of my transformation, I look for those little victory’s every single day. I find them. I wake up hopeful, and not doubtful, or not thinking about a losing streak. I look to win. I win. Its not just a saying. Its a testimony. I prayed for something yesterday and before the end of the day it was done. Handled. Now don’t get it confused. I am not saying that everything is perfect, but the little things are making me move and push on a little faster because I know that my wants, needs, desires, everything I am looking forward to is going to happen. If it doesn’t its only because something else better is going to replace it. Life as I know it is one adventure after another just like the Matrix. I am free. Happy. Stress free. Drama free. Making it everyday. So whomever is going through today, know that its not for nothing. Because you will get your just reward in no time at all. Stop looking at your problems and check out the problem solver.


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