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The very first time I ever sucked cock was when I was my first year of college.
I was bless in having my own apartment. Instead of having to deal with the
college dorms. Peace and quite to work on assignments. Also to just relax after a
long day. But when second semester came around I had to think again. See the loans
I had already gotten was keeping me from getting anymore. So more extra money
for school and I was going back to my small town home with my tail  between my legs.
That’s when was chatting with a girl from school that was driving a Benz. She had
all of the same classes that I did. So how in the hell was she doing it big like this?

That’s when she pulled out her phone and showed me her website. She was a Sugar baby.
After showing me someone else’s site with her pictures and some details along with a phone number. She was also a part time escort. It had paid for a townhouse, the Benz and she had some new boobs put in about nine months before. Life for her was good. Her grades weren’t slipping and she had no worry’s. Nice little trust fund, she’d made for herself in a short amount of time. Just in case something happened. I was a good church going girl. Still a virgin and had no interest in changing that. I didn’t even currently have a boyfriend. But one week later when the rent was late. I knew I had to do something. Creating a website of my own. I add some photos mosaic style. Places in my about me that I was only interested in selling blowjobs. I went out and purchased a ten toy. Within three days I’d mastered the deep throat with that badboy and some special tasty flavored lube. Just in time, I got my first email, asking if I could meet up at 3:00 pm the next day. That was my lunch break from classes. I could do it and just be in time getting back to school. So I emailed back I was open for it.

We agreed to meet at a park. So I dressed into something cute. Made sure to bring some mouth wash for afterwards. As I got to the pick up truck. This guy was older then what I’d expected. Without any words. He handed me an envelop. I checked to make sure it was real with the money pen. Before putting it away in my purse. Spraying some of the flavored spray into my throat. I rolled a condom into my mouth, before swallowing him whole. He held the back of my neck doing his best not to cum. I sucked and slurped and gave that man the business. He reached down and squeezed my ass hanging from under dress. I hoped that it was only motivation. As I sucked and slurped. He was grunting and jumping before he warned me. As he came one hot string after another. It wasn’t in my mouth but felt hot through the condom. As I moved back careful not to spill. I tied off the condom and placed it into a paper bag I brought handy. As I gurgled and got myself back together. he zipped up and rested. After reapplying my makeup. I was about to leave. He grabbed my arm and thanked me for a hot time. Handed me a large tip and said he’d email me when he was looking for more services. As I walked to the bus stop. I counted it, the tip was for way more then what I charged for the blowjob. Hot tears tinged my eyes as I wondered about what was next!

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We will talk, chat, laugh and shoot the breeze. Discounts will be in
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Thunder Thighs Are On Flame

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Not complaining. Happy I have full use of my limbs.

But after todays walk, man these baby’s are on full flame.

Not even fire. But flame. I am burning.

But it just mean I am regaining mobility which makes me very happy!

One day soon, I will be back to full health.

I maybe burning but I am up for some hot cam flashes.

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Whats Free ????

I don’t really know what this world has come too. I have been contacted this week about five times by men asking for shows or a video. Only to say, oh sorry, I thought it was free? What exactly is free nowadays? I am very curious to know to be really honest. What’s free? I get a light bill every month. I get a rent bill every month. I have to purchase grocery’s. I have to pay to go to the store. If I had a car, I would need to pay it off else I’d have a month or every two weeks car payment every month. Car insurance had to be paid month to month or at least once a year unless you have a better or just another deal with your company.

Its part of our deal with the apartment complex that we also have to keep renters insurance on the place every month. I need cleaning supplies to stay clean every month. I need washing power, bleach, Lysol ammonia and dryer sheets each month. I need new underwear. Actually that’s a double whammy! I need new underwear, pantyhose, lingerie, toys, lube, and more for both my personal and work life. SO I can look good in these shows, videos and my personal life. Make up. Props. Not to mention one of my computers I use for work and school, I need another one because its on its last leg. I need to upgrade my webcam, its HD but I have had it for a minute so its time to spend a $100 and something on a more up to date one. Right now I am saving money for a move, and a car.


None of the things I mentioned above is free to me. So why in the world, would I want to do anything for you for free? Did I give birth to you? Maybe adopted you and wasn’t aware of it. If your not my son and I am raising you, honey, I am not taking care of you! Free needs not to me mentioned to me when you contact me guys, because what will be free, is remove you from my contacts, and blocking you for life. Once blocked I never unblock you, not even for a price.


Christian Webcam Girl Shade

Being a Christian just doesn’t mean that you never get horny or don’t have bills to pay or to eat. I have to admit that some people think that cammodels or just nasty pervert women one step from being a paid whore. Or that that Christians have no sexual needs, feelings or any desire to have companionship before marriage. Neither are the truth. Women that are in the adult industry do have morals. Some anyway. Not all are in the same bucket with each other. We do it all for many different reasons. I am here for both companionship, fun and a little bit of cash that I can add up for future retirement. I am just here to let you know their are alot of cammers, and adult work ladies and gentlemen as well I am sure that are Jesus believers!



Life for me is forever changing. Yet it seems like its changing even quicker these days. Which I don’t mind, at all. I love it actually. It seems like I have been going slow and looking forward to something. Or something’s. Hidden in my near future. Yet, each day now in the last six weeks of my transformation, I look for those little victory’s every single day. I find them. I wake up hopeful, and not doubtful, or not thinking about a losing streak. I look to win. I win. Its not just a saying. Its a testimony. I prayed for something yesterday and before the end of the day it was done. Handled. Now don’t get it confused. I am not saying that everything is perfect, but the little things are making me move and push on a little faster because I know that my wants, needs, desires, everything I am looking forward to is going to happen. If it doesn’t its only because something else better is going to replace it. Life as I know it is one adventure after another just like the Matrix. I am free. Happy. Stress free. Drama free. Making it everyday. So whomever is going through today, know that its not for nothing. Because you will get your just reward in no time at all. Stop looking at your problems and check out the problem solver.