Embrace Change–The Future Isn’t Set In Stone

Life is really and truly what you make it. Its true. A movie once said, that your future changes because you looked at it. Yet, I have real experiences that have really happened, where I have seen future events. Once they happened, I felt a ping to the gut, and remembered seeing it. It happened just the way I had seen. Something’s haven’t. Yet, most of the time. It has happened in just that way. Which, what it means, is that sometimes signs and visions, and things that have come up could just be a clue as to what’s to come and not the whole view of things. Or sometimes, things could be right on target. No matter, of weather future plans will be on point or not. I have come to realize that you can change any destiny, by just making a choice. If you don’t like something. Change it. Do something about it. For me, I haven’t been able to move around outside of my house in the last few years without being in pain, needing to sit down or having to use a grocery store mobile. At first I felt shameful. Then, I felt like ok, its fine as long as nobody that I know see’s me. When someone was around I felt I’d see, I would push myself and pay for it by falling or puking my guts out. Then I digressed by deciding to just stay home. Allow my mom and other people to handle the things for me that I couldn’t without leaving the home front. But more recently things got a little worse for me. I have to take pills now and I want be going for a needle. Therefore, now I am walking. I have been changing not little by little, but in a major way. A way that has changed more then my ability to be able to walk long distances. But in even more personal ways as well. So the next time you think about change. Don’t be the old me, dreading and maybe even hating change. Embrace it, grab it by its boot straps and jump in. You an Jesus can handle whatever comes along and happens on the other side.


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