Never Let People Control You, Need An Answer, Ask The Master He Understand

You know I just caught a video on Youtube. That honestly touched my heart. My mother, uses the word Fluffy a lot because she can’t stand the word fat. She asked me if I would rather be called fluffy or fat. Being that I remember the three headed dog from Harry Potter and I know a few other dogs by that name as well. I personally would rather be called fat! lol But seriously though. I wish that more of my big and thick sisters would get a clue and way more confidence within themselves about their weight. Weather you have a desire too stay big and thick, plump and juicy as a porterhouse steak or not. Believe in yourself. But take back your fat power, and know that like all things negative. It is more then possible to turn it into something positive. If you want to lose some weight girl, find something you would have fun doing and stick to it. Play some basket ball or base ball or foot ball. If you don’t know how, learn to swim and then get to flapping those arms and legs underneath the therapy of warm water. It will heal you and make you feel good with low impact so there will be no pain. Maybe some soreness and stiffness once it hits you later on but over days, and weeks you will feel that change your looking for. Or just go window shopping, look at the clothes you know you want, but your bank account says no. Its also a wait to make your heart rate increase.

I personally love to be big thick and plump. I have been one ever since I was a child. I always stayed around 230 to 250 even when I was in high school. I toned a lot when I got a job at 16 and then 18 to 20. But I was always thicker and taller then most. Then 7 years of working from home and school. Focusing on a career that had me sitting down for twenty hours per day except for the toilet and kitchen. I gained up to 350. I gained a well wanted 46 inch booty, but my belly became an even bigger problem area for me. So far since my move I have lost about 20 pounds. I am losing this for to take my body back and be able to walk long distance in life, ( store, park, down the road an to the mail and back ) without huffing, puffing and feeling like I will fall over. I walk everyday now for 20 to 30 minutes. Small area right outside my door or on bad days like to day around my apartment. I get my heart rate up and excise my muscles while listening to gospel or reading a good book I have just gotten started on. I want children soon and I’ve been told they run away from you at top speed once they learn how. I need to keep up. If something happened to one of my babies like them getting into the street, and I’m not able to get to them in time, it would scar me for life.

No matter how you feel. Want to get bigger. Smaller. Or maintain your current size, never allow anyone else to make the choice for you on what you should do, based on their empty mouth, personality  and insults. Because honestly even though some want to try and sound concerned with their ( please take better care of your self’s, and lose some weight your a beautiful woman or man) they are basically standing in your face telling you what you should do and how you should feel. Yet they don’t know what its like to walk a mile or even five feet in your shoes. If you have to ask anyone what you should do. Ask God. Only if you believe in him that is. Ask him. He will tell you what to do, and at least you know he has in fact walked a mile to five feet in your shoes.


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