“ Stand For Something!” Or You Will Fall For Anything…

Honestly I cannot say this enough, ” Stand For Something”.  Stand for something. I don’t care what you do honestly. I but I do care that you stand for something. Don’t let people, things, or even fear keep you from doing something that you want to do. Standing for something that you want to stand for. Because it only leaves behind, ” Regrets”. I promise you that you will have them. They will live in your life. It will be hard to  get them out of your consciousness. When some one places demands on you and your life.


1. I want love you if you don’t!
2. We can’t be together, if you!
3. I can’t do this, because what if!

All things that you need to step back from and and make a choice. The right one. Don’t allow you, or anyone else to keep you from doing something or make you do something that will change your life for the worse, and make you want to ” regret” it forever. Stand for something or you will be falling for anything.



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