What’s My Standard For Dating

Does Charmayne strike you as being a selective or picky, possessing high standards or being impossible to please?

Like most questions I answer. This one is going to be a yes and no. Yes, I do believe that she is selective  and picky. She also had high standards as well. But I feel like some of the these she chooses to be this way about is all wrong. Example. She is selective when it comes to be frugal about spending her money. She by things she doesn’t need. Out of all of the money she made and acquired over the years, she never really spoiled herself at all.

She was right to be picky and not take Wille seriously, she deserved way better and she knew it! At that point she mind making it none that nothing was going to happen past that blind date double her married best friend cooked up for her. She had a high standard about her work, her place in the church and her hair. That’s where it all began and ended for her.

Is she impossible to please?

I don’t for a minute feel that she was impossible to please but in some places in her life she accepted second best when she should have been happy for her success and focused on herself, not others, not what others had to say. Or what they wanted. She needed more demands for her own happiness.

Why? How do you make decisions about eligible dating or marriage partner?

When I think about dating, I think about weather its even worth my time. I have been a lot in life. A lot in failed and some hurtful relationships. Even a hurtful ending of a friendship. Therefore I am careful of both my heart and my time.

If I know I am not going to have a good time with a person. Why go out with them? If I know that this person isn’t worth my time, why go out with them? If I know that person is there to take and not trying to give why go out with them?

I choose to spend my time with someone I can have fun with. If they are interested in me in more ways then just being friends. I expect to step up to the place and begin showing and proving they are real from day one. I am a new age woman with a more out going look on life and more interest in succeeding in my own way then a lot of women from the old days. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be spoiled the way they were. I want flowers, candy. I want the doors opened and closed for he at stores, restaurant’s and getting in and out of a car.

I demand that my date had a car for me to get into a suitable, safe car. All of my serious dates are with real men that believe its there job, positions and reputation on the line to pay for all date expensive. Meal, movies, light shopping, ice cream whatever it cost for us to have fun. Yet I am not picky, I enjoy picnics at the beach that wouldn’t cost more then about $30 as long as its classy. Being brought home at a decent hour. Going off my mood on weather you should reach in a for a kiss. With me its not happening on the first and maybe not the second date. But a hug would be nice. Being respectful and interested in more then  my parts.

Just to date me that would be the basics.

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