1. What is the connection between our spirit self and our physical or mental health?

I have been reading one of the old novels I read when I was back in school, probably around Middle School Days.  By the Title of Farther Then I Meant To Go, Longer Then I Meant To Stay Author By: Tiffany L. Warren. I decided to answer some of the questions I found at the end.

Honestly, the best way to explain it is if you have taking yourself through anything everything you could have imagined, and what you couldn’t have imagined. Then you have seen rock bottom. As you get there, while you getting there and once you hit. You see that your spirit starts to hurt. Trouble sleeping, trouble eating. Trouble period. Then your mind may make you feel like your losing it. You have trouble focusing. Confusion comes in and you have a hard time. Before you know it your body starts to catch up with these illnesses. You may not want to eat. Could become nausea. Lose to much sleep and almost feel that your life is over. Depression. A huge pity party comes along and you almost see no way out.

The point is, when your spirit is in trouble, your life is in trouble. Your state of mind. If you allow it to get to far, right and wrong and your conscious, that little voice inside starts to fade and become weaker and weaker. You lose your peace. That sweet inner peace where you can wake up every day feeling like the world is your canvas and you do anything you want and everything that you want. Without guilt. You have a great nights sleep without worrying about tomorrow’s. But once you get into a dangerous place, you can feel it.

I believe that when your spirit isn’t right, neither is the rest of you.

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