Good Friday


Its crazy how in my life span. I have probably only noticed the words “Good Friday” on the calendar. Never honestly gave it a thought maybe once until I heard my mother say something about it. I mean what doesn’t it mean to the government. To the people? Doesn’t it stand for anything? Now I grew up in the church. Honestly never heard a statement. Conversation, or word, or sermon preached on or talked about “ Good Friday”. Yet when I went and talked with google. ( Searched for what is “ Good Friday”) I found out that it means this.

Good Fri·day

ˈˌɡo͝od ˈfrīˌdā/


  1. the Friday before Easter Sunday, on which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated in the Christian Church. It is traditionally a day of fasting and penance.

Now why was in important, today of all days to me to find out what it means? Well I have had a long hard week, with not one day that came, that drama didn’t happen. Most people would start with Monday. But mines started on Sunday. My mom was tired and sleeping and kept being woken up once again by the child and his mother that lives upstairs above us. So she picked up the phone and called the cops. This has been happening since September when we first moved in here. We didn’t nag or even make it an issue with her, until December.

She caused troubles by coming to our door with drama. The cops were called. We had peace for about a month and a half to two months until the trouble happened again more consist and out of control. So after this incident which I recorded this time. The cops were called again. I let them hear the recording of what was said and done when she came back down to my door again. The cops once more told me/us about this child and made us feel like we should just deal with it. We went higher and higher up the chain, but all these people gave were excuses and refused to help. So after buying some protection for me and my family.

I let it rest again. So that leads up to Sunday. The cops were called. We got the info we needed from this one this time. Monday, not only does my mom’s little housekeeper not show up for work. But Tuesday she shows up and demands money, after over the phone she was told no money money was available to her. Especially since she’d been paid for Friday and she’s not supposed to see a red cent until after her shift on Fridays any how. She leaves in a huff. I had packages supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. Post office did the mail and left a box.

But they were supposed to leave another box and a key in the main box so we could get access to the parcel box with said package inside. She didn’t do her job. So I gotten into a battle, trying to kill the Post Master with kindness even though she kept being a mean, cruel, heartless, rude bitch t me. Finally she found her own worker to be at fought and when she found out the problem wasn’t with me but her own staff member. She never even said she was sorry. My mom called back because she saw how pissed I was for being treated that way. She asked for the person above the Post Master, the Bitch kept getting mean and rude with my mother, and my mother was also killing her with kindness. 

UPS did there job, even FedEx arrived that day and did there job. The Post Office had to have issues. Be rude and show just how unprofessional they really were. Ok on Wednesday, come to find out a bill was due, that we had been making payments on. Only to be told that we were going to be cut off on Thursday if the entire balance wasn’t paid off. I was able to fix the issue. But that’s my week ladies and gentlemen. Every day this week, Monday up till today has been some drama. The housekeeper, wasn’t even a very good housekeeper. The job was more for her benefit then it was ours.

She left good in the dishes she had supposedly cleaned. Along with washing greasy pans in water only to use the same water for the rest of the dishes leaving them greasy. She was nasty not washing her hands before she gloved up to being washing the dishes so if bleach didn’t get up into our dish washing liquid, and my mother wasn’t going behind her rewashing the dishes, imagine what we would have had in our mouths. She was trifling enough to put the mop bucket water in the sink on top of the dish rag. She used our toilet without cleaning it before or after. After bragging about the fact that her man had a sexual transmitted disease even though she was also bragging about sleeping with him.

At the end of the day she got the job from my mom because she was tired of handing them over food from our cabinets, freezer and refrigerator for nothing in return and them borrowing gas money they never paid back. Her man clocking over $2000 per month not not seeming to have enough money for them to eat or keep is truck gas up. At the end of the way it was an Aunt trying to help out what seemed to be ungrateful family members. Now the drama and trial has come to an end. 

That’s brings me back to my title. Even though it turns out that “ Good Friday” is to represent Sunday before “God” Jesus Christ of Nazareth was placed on the cross and died for our sins. Its never talked about. I have a dedicted relationship with God. I an no Saint at this point in my life but I do have a title in the church of God. I am taking back Good Friday and taking it to the next level. I will remember my “ Father” my “ Husband” every since time I think about the words “ Good Friday”! But I will also make it my mission in life from now. A stone or Mountain I can stand on That no matter how many batteles. Storms. Troubles that may come my way trying to test faith any week from now on. I will dedicate myself to going on and beyond the call of duty have myself a “ Good Friday”.

~ Listen To Good Music ~

~ Dance~


~ Watch A Good Funny Movie, Drama or Show That Gets My Spirits Up~

Whatever, anything and everything I can do, to make that day one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Shake off that funk and make that old ugly busy devil made as the raging fire stick in his hands and burning a hole in him. Letting it be known in my dance, my song, my prays, my screams, my tears that no matter what he does to me.

No matter what he says to me. Whom he uses in my life to try and get me. Throw me off my path, off the light that God leading me by. I learned along time ago everyone, that when loads of bad things start happening all at once. Out of the blue. God had something for you.

Some kinds of blessings are on the way for. A yoke is being broken and everything you want and need. Whatever you have been fasting, praying and believing in God for. Whatever you have had heavy on your heart. Desired and thought about when paying your tithes and offering.

Its coming. Right around the corner. Its right there. The tears you cried at night. Pain you felt. Been on your knees for its here. Don’t give up or in. Don’t be afraid to through something. Because #1 it only makes you stronger and when your done, whatever comes at you next the memories of what you went through and got through. What ever hell you had to endure. You kept on going through it and made it out. Got everything you wanted out of it. #2 when the devil is throwing stones at you like that boy, you know what wanted your going to get!

So lets all have ourselves a Good Friday weather the Calendar says its not today or not. You make and you believe in the Father to make this a Good Friday. No matter what your going through. No matter the struggle. Today is Good Friday!

Sincerely Yours,


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