When You Know A Blood Relative Isn’t Your Family

For all of you that don’t know it. I have a live in mother, that has to live with me. But weather it was a mandatory thing or not, we’d still be living together. Having me at 18 years old. We practically grew together. My mom is a very generous and forgiving soul. She’s done so much for us, her family, anyone she deems a friend. Or if she just see’s someone hungry, homeless or cold, she will go out of her way to help. That’s just the type of woman she’s always and will always be. That being said. She’s giving thousands of dollar worth of stuff to her family over the years. Blessed them when she didn’t have too. Especially when they have done her wrong. Turned there backs on her when she was in need of shelter, food. Whatever. Once she got back on top. On her feet, they were right back to smiling in her face. Times when her oldest sister and her family were without. My mother had taken food from our refrigerator an cabinets to feed them. Brought school clothes she found on sell and she simply wanted to help out her sister by getting them so she could give her her money back. Only for her sister to claim she couldn’t afford $2.00 for each pair of jeans my mother had brought, stole one pair and gave the rest back like nothing had ever happened. My mom had been disrespected by her family. Her mother, her brother in law. Him making sexual advances to her. Putting his nasty penis on her feet. That’s not even the tip of the ice berg. My mother had been damn good to get family, when they have done nothing but taken, taken and taken and stolen from her. Refuse to help her in anyway unless it benefits them.

I am saying all of this because right now I am mad as hell and its taking everything in me not to implode and explode. My mothers nephew gets dropped off here like he’s a piece of trash that they can’t get rid of fast enough weekly. With no food, or drink in hand. Its been happening every since, not long after we moved here. He comes here wastes food and drink. Runs his mouth and gets completely out of hand. My mothers, sisters kid. The other one recently touched my mother in an incest way. Which made her banned him from coming anywhere near her. All of that, and all and so much more that I don’t have time to write about at the moment. And all I have ringing in my ears is my mother telling me that a message was sent to her from her sister, that “ If she doesn’t respect my husband and my husband put the brand new tires on my car, then she can’t ride in my car any more!” All the food my mother had brought over to her home over the past 30 something years. All of the free lunches my mother brought by this tricks job for them to sit down and break bread together.

All the Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, 4th of July my mother has given this woman. All that she has done for that whole ungrateful family. There father just past away. The inheritance that was left for all of them, my mother being the only left out of what was rightfully hers, her birth right. That’s how they treat her. Its laughable. But the at the end of the day the joke is really on them. The Father said, “ Do no touch my anointed and do my prophets no harm. So weather these people know it or not. I am going to take this woman, my mother away from them all together. We are going to move away from this place once and for good. If I have something to do with it, neither one of us will darken the roads of this city again once we are gone. Whatever hell they have planned for us will come back on them times three and the hell they didn’t bargain for will get them as well. But me and mine are out of here. I vow once I get us out of here she will never have to shed another tear because of something disrespectful that any of her family had to say to her. When her sister gets knocked the hell out by her husband that brought the tires on her car one to many times and kills her, there no need of anyone calling or trying to call us for her funeral, because it want be happening. What goes around, comes around…

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