Favorite Sexual Act Or Position

Having a man suck on my pussy from the back. My clit being nibbled and slurped on. Drives me wild. My body just bursts. Speeds all over the place. I don’t know why I prefer it that way, just seems so damn sensual. My body arches. Toes curls. I have had my most strongest and squirting orgasms that way. Riding that long fucking tongue is enough to make my chocolate skin melt. lol. I have been asked a thousand times weather or not white men, black men or Latino are the best pussy lickers. lol Honestly I’ve not done the Latin thing yet! But I’ve had both white and black men suck on a pussy good! Its all about your chemistry. Ass clapping, bubble popping, wetness all over. Making out like crazy right after. Tasting myself on your tongue. Its such a powerful experience. Explosive. Heighten. Spontaneous. Having your tongue on me would a luxury.

Having you sucking on my nipples. Caressing my thighs. Nibbling on them. Sucking on inner thighs. Sucking on my walls.

Sliding a finger deep inside of my asshole. Making me feel so good. Making me horny, turning me the fuck on!

Try And Picture This

You pick up your life and decide to move in with someone that still doesn’t have breast milk off there damn breath. Hell you pretty much don’t have it off your own damn breath. Although you maybe a little more mature then your counterpart. You move down from wherever the hell you came from. With no money, no food. Just the clothes you carried on down with you. You do this before the funeral of this young mans Grandfather is past and then buried. Instead of going back to your own home land. You decide to stick around. Don’t get yourself a job. Do anything to pull your weight besides laying on your back. You and your man begin begging. Going to anyone and everyone for food, and to borrow money you barely pay back. Burning bridges left and right. Your Aunt that you barely got to see because of her living her own life, working long and hard all through the years. But found a way to give you money, gifts, food and even allowed you to visit with her, when your life was in danger at the drop of a dime.

This same Aunt allowed you to borrow money that you didn’t pay back. This same aunt took food from her freezer, refrigerator and more to feed you and your woman that’s not working. So after a while, this Aunt has a need of help in her home. She’s got a daughter with a lot on her plate, school and more that you may not be pry too. So she offers to help kill two birds with one stone  so that you can help each other out. She’s willing to pay and take money from this daughter to pay your girl and in connection to you living together, eating together and burning gas together. $40.00 per week for you to be able to add to your $500 per week your receive from work. You decide to connect with parents that charge you $300 per month for a little shack they put up for you in there back yard.

These same parents charge you for using bowls, containers, zip lock bags in there house. They won’t let you have access to there food or drink. Invite you out to meals only to have there hands held out for the money back. Also try and charge you gas money to pick you girl up from there own sister/sister in laws house after work and your all going to the same damn place. This girl comes and isn’t doing what she’s supposed to do. Back talking. Rude, disrespectful, eating up peoples food without asking. Not even doing her damn job. Example: “ She’s only supposed to wash dishes for one person. “ “ No supposed to sweep and mop but one room in the house”

The duties listed before her job was given to her?

Wash hands before putting on gloves and starting to work.

Wash dishes daily, Clean bathroom daily, take out trash daily. Sweep

and mop kitchen, dinning room, living room, hall way and bathroom.

Clean bath tub, toilet and sink. Every Friday clean out Refrigerator before

sweeping and moping and taking out the trash.

Not long after starting, the only thing that happens, is the dishes being

half clean because food has been found to be left in them. The floor is swept

but barely ever if not never mopped and sometimes the trash is being taken out.

On top of that the money that’s being taken, isn’t for food, since they are hungry. Its for

her cell phone bill and keeping her nails done. Can you picture that? Why an I writing

about this? Because to me, its funny how ungrateful people can’t count there chickens

and see when they are being blessed. Its like that story I was told about a long time

ago. A man walking in the dessert, he’s thirsty. So God blesses him with a glass of water.

Then the next day there are two glasses for the man. Before you know its always additional

glass more then then the day before glass. The mans wasting it after a while. Taking a bath

in it. Soaking his feet in it. Pouring the glasses out because he just knows more will be

arriving tomorrow. That’s how I feel this situation is beginning to be. This young lady is believing

that she’s going to have a job no matter what.

Nobody else is trying to help her. She doesn’t  want to go back to where she came from. The

issue that came from the two of them was that

they would go back together once he fixed his trunk, but he’s had this job for three months now.

He’s gotten income tax’s and all of this good stuff. I smell bullshit coming a mile away so. I don’t

believe in helping someone that doesn’t want to be helped. The next post about this will be

about releasing the baby birds to enjoy there travels, whichever way they decide to fly next…

When You Know A Blood Relative Isn’t Your Family

For all of you that don’t know it. I have a live in mother, that has to live with me. But weather it was a mandatory thing or not, we’d still be living together. Having me at 18 years old. We practically grew together. My mom is a very generous and forgiving soul. She’s done so much for us, her family, anyone she deems a friend. Or if she just see’s someone hungry, homeless or cold, she will go out of her way to help. That’s just the type of woman she’s always and will always be. That being said. She’s giving thousands of dollar worth of stuff to her family over the years. Blessed them when she didn’t have too. Especially when they have done her wrong. Turned there backs on her when she was in need of shelter, food. Whatever. Once she got back on top. On her feet, they were right back to smiling in her face. Times when her oldest sister and her family were without. My mother had taken food from our refrigerator an cabinets to feed them. Brought school clothes she found on sell and she simply wanted to help out her sister by getting them so she could give her her money back. Only for her sister to claim she couldn’t afford $2.00 for each pair of jeans my mother had brought, stole one pair and gave the rest back like nothing had ever happened. My mom had been disrespected by her family. Her mother, her brother in law. Him making sexual advances to her. Putting his nasty penis on her feet. That’s not even the tip of the ice berg. My mother had been damn good to get family, when they have done nothing but taken, taken and taken and stolen from her. Refuse to help her in anyway unless it benefits them.

I am saying all of this because right now I am mad as hell and its taking everything in me not to implode and explode. My mothers nephew gets dropped off here like he’s a piece of trash that they can’t get rid of fast enough weekly. With no food, or drink in hand. Its been happening every since, not long after we moved here. He comes here wastes food and drink. Runs his mouth and gets completely out of hand. My mothers, sisters kid. The other one recently touched my mother in an incest way. Which made her banned him from coming anywhere near her. All of that, and all and so much more that I don’t have time to write about at the moment. And all I have ringing in my ears is my mother telling me that a message was sent to her from her sister, that “ If she doesn’t respect my husband and my husband put the brand new tires on my car, then she can’t ride in my car any more!” All the food my mother had brought over to her home over the past 30 something years. All of the free lunches my mother brought by this tricks job for them to sit down and break bread together.

All the Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, 4th of July my mother has given this woman. All that she has done for that whole ungrateful family. There father just past away. The inheritance that was left for all of them, my mother being the only left out of what was rightfully hers, her birth right. That’s how they treat her. Its laughable. But the at the end of the day the joke is really on them. The Father said, “ Do no touch my anointed and do my prophets no harm. So weather these people know it or not. I am going to take this woman, my mother away from them all together. We are going to move away from this place once and for good. If I have something to do with it, neither one of us will darken the roads of this city again once we are gone. Whatever hell they have planned for us will come back on them times three and the hell they didn’t bargain for will get them as well. But me and mine are out of here. I vow once I get us out of here she will never have to shed another tear because of something disrespectful that any of her family had to say to her. When her sister gets knocked the hell out by her husband that brought the tires on her car one to many times and kills her, there no need of anyone calling or trying to call us for her funeral, because it want be happening. What goes around, comes around…

Dark Love

I almost lost myself to some of the darkest love ever once. I was 16 years old when I met this man. He was 30 years old. We stayed together for three years. Off and on. Until I realized that he was never going to change and always was. Growing up nicely. Advanced and always on a mission. There was almost nothing that I wouldn’t do for that man. But one word is said in a fit of anger proved to me that his so called love was just a cloud of bullshit that I had been inhaling for along time. I was willing to go to the ends of the earth for that man. Over a cliff. Thank God I didn’t and I woke up to the Hazelnut coffee just in time. I almost lost myself. I mean the love for me was stronger then the love for him. Which is why I was willing to stop before I tipped over. But the point is even after we were done. Over. I knew that I still loved him. God knows I did all that I could to try and hate him. But it didn’t and wouldn’t work. Even now, I still have some love for this man in my heart. I am no longer in love with him. Honestly I may never love a man like that again. I love God. My bond with my savior is now stronger then its ever been. But my first love did a lot for me. He made me love myself self. Made me look a in a mirror I’d long since discarded because of the sins of my dad, and the burdens I’ve had to endure from my moms family and the lack there of my dads family. I have had a very long and hard life. I am not complaining simply testifying. Moral of this story, some of the hardest and darkest love can try and pull you down. Yet you can rise to the top and figure things out. You can come back from it. You can find a way to still love back into your life. Not necessarily love from another person. Love for yourself. Find things about yourself, that you love. Care about. Your looks. How you think. How you feel.  What you like to do. And believe in you.



Amazon Order Malfunction

Because of my health. I have had to make some changes to my diet. For years I battled it out it my health. I use salt sense instead of regular salt. Splendia instead of regular sugar. Well I got my order for the salt sense today and they send me the wrong kind of salt. Now the thing about me is Amazon is my favorite store in the world. Free two day shipping after one payment of $99.00 per year. Is a pretty sweet deal along with all of the tv benefits. I love the heck out of my kindle fires and fire tv sticks. But when I don’t get my products that I purchase it tends to bother me. I just recently this past week tried out a grocery store online that ships produce and all other grocery’s and more that’s become so convenient for me. I am saving money for a new car. So I need to be able to crunch every penny. Not have to payout $30 each time I need to go to the store. Or have to wait all day long for a round trip bus ride. Which keeps me from school work, my work and most of all my home. The place where I feel the safest away from drama, and the crazy. So that’s my first crazy moment of the day. I’ve been having a lot of them lately. Which is why I am now deciding to kill a bunch of birds with one stone by updating this blog even when I don’t have much to say about work. Its important to me that I can keep my fans updated on current events which are me. So you will be seeing some changes here. I hope that you enjoy them. Feel free to reach out to me by email so that even when I am not updating my video vlogs  I can use my fingers and let them do the walking.



Big Boobs Camgirl

20170203_190648I have always found it funny how it seems like white women get way more money when they do cam work. Yet when it comes to staring for free. Most men have no trouble admitting that they love having big black tits in there face. Why wouldn’t you pay your way if you like what you see? Don’t you realize the more you give, the more you will always get. Giving the goods away  for a camgirl isn’t how you pay the bills and stick around. Because the less money you make you more you have to leave a job you love to do something you don’t just to put food on the table. So my big boobs are always ready to be shown to you. I love showing them off I do! Being watched. Being a spit fountain on them turns me on and makes my clit rock hard.

I had a male friend say to me a couple of months ago. If you don’t like being a camgirl. Then why do it? Why do you job then complain about it. If you don’t like getting naked for people then you shouldn’t do it. Because the money is supposed to be an extra. I couldn’t believe he said that to me. Why? Because anyone hearing me talk about it knows that I love what I do! I think of ways I want to improve the industry. Not just for myself like minded people like me. Not just for our benefits as camgirls but also for our clients. So they get more bang for there buck. They get us more focused on keeping them happy and being happy with them. Not dealing with losers, that just want to use and abuse the experience.

Of course I love money. Who doesn’t? I want to purchase a house. My first house. I want to feel confident and comfortable giving birth to babies without fear I want be able to take care of them. Working as a cammodel, as well as all of the other things I do from the comfort of my home to pay my bills, take care of me and my family and secure our future, is what I want. I would never ask anyone to work for free. SO why would you look for me to do the same. Coming to see me in a cam room. Is the same as going to an adult store and thinking you can walk in to pick up some lube and some sex movies and walk our the store without paying them. Pay me for my work or pay me no fucking attention. Real men pay for there porn that’s no for free. There are plenty of free sources on the internet. Go stare at the action happening for free. But never walk into a camgirls place of business looking for free shit. You will find a raging bitch every time.

Like Big Boobs? Pay to see them!

Like Squirting Hairy Black Pussy? Pay to see them!


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Life Of A Cammodel


When you think about just how hard it is for a cammodel. Wait! What am I saying? You don’t! No client ever thinks about just how hard it is for a cammodel. We all live different lives and situations. Some of us may rent while others own houses. Some may have full time jobs with W2s along with a W9 form. Some may have a family to take care of. While others are single. So when you think about a cammodel, stop thinking about her as a sex pot. As sex pot with photos and videos on the internet for you to jack off too for free. Then contact her haggling over her prices, if not damn well asking her to do something for you for free. If you are reading this. I am assuming you have a job. You pay a cell phone bill, internet, house phone mortgage, insurance. If not my bad. But I do and so does most good citizens in America. So I am a black woman with big tits, ass, squirting pussy and a clapper out of this world.

But I am also a woman living breathing and with bills to pay. A future to look out for. I am looking to purchase a house before conceiving and giving birth to some healthy beautiful children to fill it up. I want to further my self training which means paying for books. I also want to attend college paying for my own education out of pocket until I can afford to take out loans for it. I am already caring for a disabled parent as well as myself. So the answer to why I haven’t been on the cam site and why I haven’t been marketing as much to do shows? Its becoming a waste of my time, I have to work a job that pays my bills. If it doesn’t it’s a waste of my time. I love to cum and squirt for you guys. The compliments are great. But you don’t work for free, and neither do I!

Love and Peace Be With You


Skype: livecamgirlshade

Skype Shows Are Lit In March 2017

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I am always looking to have myself a good time with you dirty boys.
I love to help you, make you and enjoy you cumming for and with me.
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Prices Are As Is! No haggling please. I have bills to pay. Funding a move. Need a new car and so many other things. If you don’t tell your boss your problems when it comes to you being paid. Please don’t contact me on letting me know the issues while you can’t pay for my services. Move on to cheaper goods or hustle up the cash to pay your way. I am a Pay2Play girl only! New meet an greets, not looking for a boyfriend, fuck buddy or a date.