Come along and have some fun with me on when I am avaliable there. I will now be there twice a week. Looking to Squirt. Ass Clap. Spit Machine. Sloppy Blowjobs. Ass and Tit Flashes. For a Price all of that can happen right in free chat without taking me to a Show.

Exclusives are where I prefer to be. The mainly stay around $1.99 per minute to $2.99 per minute. I do everything there, Sloppy Blowjob, Ass Clapping, Oil up shows, dirty talk roleplay and fantasies.

Privates: I hate them! First of all I don’t even get why they call them privates to begin with because they’re not private. You and I could be having a wonderful time getting off with each other, and freebie losers will begin coming in and out, trying to make it to the 30 second mark so that they want be charged. Its a distraction to both you and me. That’s why my private price stays at $5.99 per minute. When you want to have some fun take me Exclusive.

Things I do?

Phone Sex
Sissy Training
Cuckold Play
Jerk Off Instructions/ Encouragement
Foot Worship
Face Sitting
Cum Eating Instructions

Coming Soon:

Client Controllable Toys
Tip Activated Toys

Tip Menu:
Tits = 7 Gold
Ass Clapping = $10
Sloppy Blowjob With Tits Out, Lots of Sip until you cum, = $15
Standing $5
Feet $6

VIPS SnapChat : All Nude All OF The Time

VIPS SnapChat: What Can You Expect?

Almost the same thing that you can expect on Skype VIPS. SnapChat is what I say is the perfect compliment to being a camgirl on a site or on Skype. Or for those just interested in having some random sexy fun or on the site and being spoiled by small time sugar daddies. Its the perfect way to also be a low maintenance camgirl, guy or couple! Think about, to get ready is the most complicated part. Other then that, you get frisky rather quickly or slowly. You get to cum as little or as much as you want. Cam2cam is way better then any camsite and everyone can have a great time off a tiny fee and some sweet little tips.

Whats happening on my VIPS SnapChat?

For Member Access Members, they not only get to join in on all of the random hot sex I put on there. Sloppy Blowjob, Fingering my hot black pussy, squirting, and all of that. But they get to make requests for free at anytime, weather I am doing a show or currently on snaps or not, with no additional cost. While on the other hand 1 Day and 1 Week Members get to tip a small fee to get me to do whatever they want within reason. Snapchat is cam sex just like any other. We can talk, chat and have fun. Unless your VIPS I don’t allow you to show me dick pictures and such. Actually if I didn’t invite you after you paid, you were given my account for free by a member or you found it on your own. Once I send you promo and you ignore me or get rude, or ask me for free shit, I block your ass.

SO what are you waiting for?

Pay me, so I can send you hot xrated naughty pictures in different angles and ways. So you can get my new snaps as soon as there up. My free snapchat account is not the same as my VIPS Snap some pay me and come along and join the fun. You’re missing out and I know you don’t want to!

1 Day Access $10
1 Week Access $50
Join Member Access Once per Month: $50

  1. Get Access To VIPS SnapChat
  2. Get Access To VIPS Skype
  3. Get Access To Daily, Weekly and Monthly Videos and Picture Sets
  4. Get Access To 2 Member Show On in The AM and PM ( All Downloadable Like Regular Videos and Pictures)
  5. Get 5% Discount On All Of My Goal Shows
  6. Get Added On My VIPS Twitter and Instagram Account
  7. Get 5% Off Custom Videos

All of this and so much more, for the small price of $50 per month! What a steal. Lets all just have ourselves a good time!