Why do I like to cam????

I enjoy being a camgirl because I love it! Some would beg to differ that its all about the money. But if you have ever hang out in a free chatroom with a camgirl before. I mean loyally, then you would know that the money isn’t as easy getting and going then you may think. Unless you start out with expensive equipment, outfits, layouts, a well seo website. Lots of paid advertising of your very own. As well as interesting ways to bring in more clients, both online and offline, then you are in for a shitty awakening. Still if you don’t major in a fetish.

That you are willing to be involved with, and most clients would prefer that it isn’t work to be involved, you also enjoy it as much as they do. If you don’t have special skills, enjoy anal, or do squirting. Do anal squirting as wells as pussy squirting. Use toys period, or huge toys. Are willing to do alot of gross shit! Are a hardcore dominatrix that they feel comfortable with. Willing to get on daily. On a regular schedule. Offer to sale something videos, pics, pantys, fan signs and so much more. Notice, we haven’t even gotten down to actually working the cam. I am talking about your business plan!!!

So now that I have really laid it on thick. Lets discuss something else. I don’t just do camming! I also do phone sex. Not just as myself. I have a big box phone sex company, that I have been running successfully for about 7 years now. The same amount of time that I have been camming. That being said. The phone sex part is alot easier. I could get up every single day, or at least Monday – Friday, shower, workout, eat, market the phone sex I am going to do.

Pay for the paid only advertising as well as blog and other trade secrets of mine that made, and is making me a success. And sit in my ugly ass pajamas all day, playing video games, watching tv and whatever else I want to do with my webcam turned off forever, and pay for my bills, save money, continue going back and forth to school online. Put away college funds, and never do anything else in life if I didn’t want to and except enjoying fun. The point? Phone Sex, Writing Dirty Smut and selling it were my first loves. Still are high on the hog, but there just not all that I love or want to do.

So, why do I like to cam???? 

Because I spend alot of hours weekly, and monthly being 100’s of other people. Saying all the right things, and making all kinds of fantasies come true. Shade came alive when I had enough of the bogus bullishit relationships I had found myself in. I masturbate alot, always have for years. Don’t ask how many that’s some pervert shit I am not on talking about. ; ) I’ve been in the world of sex toys since long before I should have been. Watching porn is like breathing. When I am not watching it, I am making flicks of me playing with my pussy. Writing porn. Writing sex blogs daily for phone sex is also a turn on and keeps me slick and wet.

I also write dirty stories for amazon. As you can see I am a horny nugget. Sex is both my job, pastime and a huge part of my life. In alot of ways am a sex addict. That being said. Shade became alive because I wanted more. I have offline sugar daddies that take me out. Spent money on me. Make me feel special. But unfortunately there’s not a damn thing a man offline can do for me right now. I am a man eater when it comes to that. Instead, I love the idea of being a whore. Thats right, it turns me the fuck on to be watched by millions of men! Making them cum. Want me. Need me. Becoming one of there newest addictions. Wearing sexy clothes, talking dirty.

Hell just hanging out in my own personal free chatroom on my Business VIPS Skype while 250 men come to see me daily while I am working the cam on ssbbwshadexxx.cammodels.com I love it when I get a cute guys thats purchases VIPS SnapChat and he wants to see how wet my pussy is and to see me squirt one time for him. Doing custom videos. Having my porn videos I make weekly be appreciated. All that and more turns me the fuck on! At the end of the day, if money was my motivation for camming I would have quit and never looked back 6 years ago. But I haven’t because I love the companionship. I love turning on VIPS Skype and sipping a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, with my tits out, shooting the breeze with my MEN! If that sounds good to you, contact me by email at this time, for learn more about VIPS Skype.

If you have seen the Skype ID of mine just floating out there. Its not VIPS Skype, that’s basic sex and money, Skype where you are free to contact me to do a quicky 10 or 15 minute show. But that’s it, all that you get on the Basic Shit. One of my long time loyal fans that want to see behinds, day to day, watching me blast cum off doing Basic Skype Shows or while I am doing Premium or Exclusive on the Big Box Site. Want to luck up when I am offering my personal Gold Shows not featured on the Cammodel Site. Become a member of my new Member Services Being Offered in January 2017. Get access to all of the goodies being offered in the coming new year that you won’t want to miss out on!

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