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Hot potty mouth, black pussy queen ready to squirt and get off with you ! Unless your a little dick loser! Otherwise, I just want to laugh at your little ass dick. Make you jerk it off! Eat your worthless ass cum! If you have a deep desire to be one of my little sissy bitches and dress up for me, cross dress, then take your new toy and fuck yourself, by my instruction. You are more the welcome to hit me on OOvOO for a paid show as well! Let me know boys, I am always around to be paged!

Happy Mother Fucking Sexy Fucking Saturday!
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Hairy Pussy Cam Show


I have a fat, hairy, juicy black cunt!
It stays moist and wet all of the damn time.
She loves to be licked, sucked on an kissed.
But yous fucking in love with being stuffed full
of cock. Umm, who’s ready to meet, Ms. Aquafina?

Camgirl Shade

OOVOO ID: bbwshadexxx

Houston We Have A Problem : Please Read Skype No More!


Hey guys, just a quick update. I am no longer on Skype. So if you want to come and play with me. You’ll need to jump on getting an oovoo account. Its still free for you to download and use. Cell phone tested! So when you are ready contact me! Lets play with your balls gentlemen.

Camgirl Shade

Oovoo ID: bbwshadexxx

Big Black Ass Skype Sex Show BBWShadeXXX – SSBBWShadeXXX


I am thick and wet all of the time baby.
Fat hot pussy that love to drip and squirt.
I stay wet and hot all of the time! My body
stays on fire. Full flame, that why I love to
fuck myself in front of the camera lens!
Are you ready to play? Give me a message

Camgirl Shade

10 minutes = $35.00

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Good Morning Horny Boys Of Fuckery! BBWShadeXXX


I am here to play some dirty fuck me games! Are you in,
fresh from the bath with two clean toys I want to fuck
and suck. Don’t you want to see the spit machine in
action? Then what are you waiting for? Get your asses
in her and let me put my lips to work on that fat cock head!

Camgirl Shade

Skype ID: pheadrashade.taylor2
10 minutes for $35.00

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BBWShadeXXX – SSBBWShadeXXX New Website Coming


Hello guys! Welcome to my new site. New and improved. I may add little updates here and there to my old one,! ( But this will be my new online home for updates, and links to all of the wonderful kinky places that I to belong online. I am actually in the process of making another one as well, a closed one, where all of my fans that have a deep desire to want to know and get to know me better can, through my videos, photos, snapchat and kik accounts. I wanted to do some live streaming on the site, but right now its a little to rich for my blood. So for now I am just going to bump it up a bit to have a New Upgraded Skype instead. So many more yummy things will be on the table for my members.

Now for the ones wondering, well whats going to happen to your normal twitter and skype account. Nothing! Its still going to remain the same. I still be be offering shows there. Just the main kind! The New Skype Account will have the extras! The bangs and whistles you’ve all been asking and I’ve been wanting to give you.  You can still pay for skype cam shows at small little rates and come get the bang for your buck. But new features I am adding to my services for members only like:

* Gold Shows

* Panties Sales

* Private Diary

* Private Vlogs

* Private Twitter

* Archived Weekly Shows ( From the site as well as from skype!)

* Access to SnapChat or Kik for one week/ one monthly fee

* Access to The New Upgraded Skype Account

and so many other fun things I’ll be adding but only my members will have access to.

You won’t be allowed to enjoy those if you are not a member. Please don’t feel slighted I am just getting older, wiser and my tolerance for some of the bullshit has gotten to me. Some of the freebie crowds and the oh I am going to hit you up for two weeks then leave crowds have really left a bad taste in my mouth, making me sick when it comes to my job. And I love my job, I wouldn’t do it just for the money. I have other things I am too great at for just that!

When I think about camming, I think about an intimate experience with another human being or a bunch of human beings that would like more. Not a commitment per se just some online loving they know they can get from an understanding person that’s going to always be there when you need some relief!

Well just like my Youtube Videos, I am getting a little to lengthy! Just wanted to inform you of whats going on!

Come fuck Camgirl Shade!


Now how is that for an hello? I am a Black American woman with curves. I love to fuck and suck and get horny men off with my curvy body. I have dangerous curves in all of the right places. I can get you off in all of the right ways! I love to twerk, squirt and use my dirtiest tool of all my mind and my mouth. I have one of the dirtiest fucking potty mouths that you shall ever meet on a woman. I enjoy phone sex with am not camming for that exact reason. By the way I have experience. I have been doing this for 7 years. I’m big, bold and very much out of control. So if your lonely? Bored? Horny or a mix of the two, the I am the woman for you! Come along and lets play!

Webcam Shows: $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum $35.00

Sneak Peek: $5.00 to $10.00 depending how much you want to see for 5 minutes

Phone sex: $2.50 per minutes with a 10 minute minimum $25.00

Sexting ( KIK and SnapChat ) Weekly Access $25.00 Monthly Access $150.00

twerking, oiled up ass clapping, squirting, sloppy blowjob, spit machine, joi, cei and so much more!

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Wet Wednesday Big Tits Webcam Shows


Hot #wetwednesday is one of my favorite times of the week. I have found out that I love to spit all over my tits. I love soaking my body up with lots and lots of spit. With a dildo in my hand, I become a spit monster. I cover my face, tits, belly, thighs and the toy with lots and lots of spit, until you explode all over yourself. I fuck my pussy and squirt into puddles right after! #WetWednesdays



Camgirl Shade AKA Camgirl Preach

Skype ID: pheadrashade.taylor2